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CMMI Marketplace

The CMMI Marketplace is a portal supported by Software Engineering Services (SES) to share and expand knowledge based on real life experience of professionals in the area of process improvement in general with focus on CMMI. CMMI Marketplace envisions accomplishing sharing of knowledge in the area of process improvement, measurement and analysis, organizational change, software estimation, project management, and IT governance.

Viewers of CMMI Marketplace website will find it informational in the following areas:

  • Software Process Improvement Books and Book Reviews
  • Many industry best practices links for Software best practices and software process improvement
  • Free repository of articles on software best practices and software process improvement
  • Free monthly educational webinars on different topics of process improvement
  • Links to other industry Software Process Improvement Conferences and Seminars

CMMI Marketplace is offering users a single platform to meet all of their process improvement needs. Contact Us.